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Some Miscellaneous free and not-quite-so-free-but-really-cool-so-I-put-them-here-anyway links

Access Web Services: Now here is something that is definitely worth visiting. They have a lot to offer including affiliate programs. A very professional site with a lot of resources for webmasters and a great program for new online businessmen.
Animation Station: Free banners, site submission, and excellent resource. I recommend it.
Netmechanic: The name says it all. A very useful site with a lot of site utilities. Very nice.
Turbosite: Just what it sounds like this site has a product for speeding up your load time by up to 20 times as fast. A powerful tool to keep people coming to your site.

Affiliate Programs-Make some Moolah

ClickBank: Start accepting credit cards online! This is a fantastic website and program that I use and highly recommend!
Get now: This is a simple to set-up affiliate program that is especially useful for sites with webmaster pages.
SubmissionPro: Now this gem pays you a flat commission per sale, a voice of reason in the complicated world of affiliate programs. Plus the product is something people will actually purchase. Most of the sellers purchase their own! Believe me I know!
WinDough: Visit WinDough And Win $25,000 Cash And MORE While You Work Or Surf! Click on Prize Partner on the home page. When people sign up from your website and then win, you get the same prize!! No kidding. A worthwile program. You must sign up in the pop-up box first, then go to prize partners and fill out that form as well1 No effort and you might win! Here is an excellent program. It's not really an affiliate program, but you do make cash. Here is the deal. It's an FDIC insured bank account, on-line. You get a Visa check card and a whole lot more. I use it for all my online purchases, to pay my bills, as a credit card, and to pay for advertising for Wired. I love this service. Best of all, anyone that signs up under you, you get an additional 10$ in your account. All they have to do is put in your member name (e-mail address) as their referrer. I highly recommend this as I have already had quite a bit of money deposited in mine and so can you! Please leave the referring e-mail address as is when you sign up, it helps support this site! Thanks!

Internet Service Providers

Free Internet Access - - Unlimited Nationwide 56k V.90 Internet Access on PC or Mac. Download and start saving money NOW!
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