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This page is not what you think.
You see, there are about a billion people out there putting out webpages that they have made in order to build fantastically huge downlines and get rich for playing around on the internet. Now that is all well and good. I like the idea as much as the next guy. However, pages that consist of nothing but links to paid-to-surf programs are getting to be a little, well, annoying. What I have here is a page that is about making money on the web. As you can see I have certainly jumped on the paid-to-surf bandwagon, and have even made some decent money doing it prior to creating this page. What I think is different about my pay-me page is that I have looked and looked and looked and come up with a lot of other ways to make money on the web as well. So that is what you will find here. All different types of Pay-Me programs, and several paid-to-surf that you may or may not know about yet. I have distilled this information even further down to exactly what it takes to make a decent income with the internet. Wired is now offering the "Team Money" program. This is a profit-machine! It is a free easily replicating referral system, where even the page itself pays you, yes, the host for your free website pays you. Just click here and follow the simple program steps, then submit the form, and tell me how you want your page. I want to build you a page the way YOU want it built, so be as detailed as you like. If you want the basic Desktop Dollars version, or just want to see it, click here.

There are many paid e-mail programs out there, but I like this one the best for one simple reason,
To me this makes it the best because you always know where your paymail is, and your usual box doesn't get stuffed past the capacity of normal human patience levels. Highly recommended.
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This is a paid to surf, but it is more as well. Key Points:
1. Unlimited Hours
2. Direct Deposit
3. You get paid for referrals time even if you don't surf yourself!!

As any experienced PTS'er will tell you, those are all great.
I think the best feature is that it does not require browser activity. As long as you are connected to the net you can be paid. every once in a while, they log you off at random, and you just click on continue.
You can't beat it with a stick!

Imandi is a straight-up referral program. You sign-up, you get others to sign up...very simple, and potentially very lucrative in our humble opinion.
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THIS ONE CAN GET HUGE! At 5$ for referrals AND you can build your downline, you just can't lose. Free Internet is a BIG SELLER these days, so why not internet that pays you.....AND NO ADVERTISING BAR!!!! A must for any income generating website! Sign up today and start making money RIGHT NOW!

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By signing up with friendfinder you can build up a nice income. Here is what you do:
You click on the banner and sign up as a member. Then you sign up as an affiliate. Then you put a link like this on a page like this, (just view the source of this page and copy the html between the copy this tags, and replace my referrer ID with yours.) Then others will do the same. The payout is 2$ for new female members and 1$ for new male members. This is the largest personals site on the internet, and an excellent service, especially for those moving to a new area and looking to meet people. If you keep it honest and sign up as a member, then others do the same for you and we can all make some money together.

This banner leads to our refmaker page. Refmaker is a free site that you can get for creating referrals for paid-to-surf. I thought it more approriate to set up our paid to surf this way, rather than try and create a page full of paid to surf banners. The refmaker site comes with alot of utilities and assistance and I have had a good measure of success with it.
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Keep in mind in my opinion the absolute best paid to surf program is Desktop Dollars (did I mention that you can log in from anywhere in the world?), and I think signing up for one of our free custom-built pages is still the best way to go.

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Get Paid For Searching with Netflip: This is the only program of its kind I am aware of. Why not right? Link it like I have and be paid for others searches as well!
One of my favorite programs, Ignifuge pays you for having a start page. Very simple, very convenient.

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Try this out, because I guarantee you can't lose. Onebox gives you e-mail, voicemail, and 24/7 fax line. The service is outstanding, free, and my personal favorite e-mail site, and believe me I should know I have 92 seperate e-mail addresses. PLUS.. sign up now and get 100 free business cards, shipped free by priority mail. Design them online, and promote your website! Just click on the banner and you are on your way to really promoting your site!

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Netsetter is a premier Internet research community that provides free browser speed increases of up to 78% to its members. Members of the Netsetter community play a key role in shaping the future of the Internet. Netsetters are also eligible to win amazing prizes such as a Hawaiian vacation, a Mercedes Benz, or $5,000. It takes 5 minutes for consumers to sign up. Netsetter is completely free and all information is strictly confidential.

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Text is copied directly from their site
You say you want a revolution…welcome to We are paying people to listen to our radio over the Internet and radically changing the way people listen to music today, tomorrow—forever! Our pay to listen program fully begins in April, 2000. Until then listen to our site and earn free CD's.
We pay you to listen to your favorite music on our Internet radio station, which allows you to do whatever else you’d like—surf the net, work, send email, write term papers …whatever! We can afford to do this because we are splitting the advertising dollars we receive from our audio advertising clients worldwide with you!
Not only do you get paid while you listen to music on, you also get paid when your friends listen and your friends’ friends and so on…through 4 levels of referrals. An example of the power of our referral program: if you refer only 5 people, and they refer 5 people, and this progression extends through 4 levels, you’ll be paid over $3,000 per month if everyone listens only three hours a day—all for doing something you already do and enjoy.
Twenty Five Dollar Bonus We will credit your Radio Bank Account with $25 when we see that you have emailed 25 friends and have become an active member. This $25 can be used 1 month after we launch the Pay-For-Listening program. Make sure you fill in the cc portion of the emails with so that we have a record on file.
Now comes RFC, music at your desktop while you work or play. A truly breakthrough application, I’d be using this even without the income earning potential – it looks like they got everything right:

  • No cost to participate.
  • Over 120 genres to choose from with everything from Classical to the latest rock – if you like music, there’s a channel for you. The music portion works right now.
  • You do not have to be surfing – just listening to music whatever you’re doing at your computer. (Take some headphones to work if you have a web connection there too).
  • They will be providing FREE DSL connections shortly. In my opinion, that alone guarantees a HUGE signup response.
  • There is nothing you have to do -  just listen to your favorite music and let them know you're there now and then.

Payment tracking begins in April – get started now and you may already have a considerable instant income when the payment portion activates. Right now you still get a free CD for every 10 hours of listening. Music + Free DSL+ Paid to listen = one hot new company that’s going to have more than a few web portals rethinking their business plans!
The music works now with a planned roll-out of their paid to listen program in April 2000.

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