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Okay, so here you go. Advertising. You made a webpage, your content is great, it's visually stunning, you visited Wired's Webmaster Tools page so many times you see it in your dreams. You have truly built an exceptional page. Problem: NO ONE is visiting there other than your grandma! Solution: Advertising
But how do you do that? Well Wired is here for you. On this page you will find links, banners, etc. that show you great ways to advertise. If there is a banner but no explanation then you can assume it's a banner exchange program (I belong to many.) Most of these links are self-explanatory but I may have a few comments about one or two. Look around and see what you like. After the banners section you will find info on submitting your site to search engines and directories...yes there is a difference (for example Yahoo is a directory, Inktomi is a search engine.) We'll also talk about ideas for your banner creation! There are some great services here, and there are some ok services here, but they are all beneficial to you and it can't hurt right? My three number one recommendations are this:
1. Join at least one banner exchange service.
2. Join at least one webring.
3. Get some awards! (you can start with Brainstorm!)
Well good luck and thanks for visiting Wired!

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A few words about banner exchange programs:
As you may have noticed with this site, sometimes a website has several Very different sections. If your website has, for instance, webmaster tools, a site of the week contest, and a role-playing game fan page, then you have three distinct target audiences. You want new and working webmasters for your resource page, you want any and all webmasters for your contest, and you want fans of the same game for the fan page. This is a great reason to open multiple accounts with the same host service.
For instance, LinkExchange and SmartAge. I have 3 accounts with each of them, with 3 separate advertising platforms, and 3 separate banners that link to each of the 3 sections of the site individually. The benefit of this is that the continuity of my site remains undisturbed, in that on almost all the pages the same exchange programs are visible, and that each section is advertised on it's own merit. It is simple enough to do, you manage all the accounts from the same control center with both of these exchanges. The beauty is that you are targeting your advertising without spending a dime.

Check these out and then page down for more resources and ways to submit your site!!

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